Bobby Smith The Photographer

Hello everyone nice to see you here on my website where you can see all the great work I do. Photography is my main passion and I am glad that's something I can share with you all.

As long as a camera is in my hands, I'm going to shoot almost everything I see, but not only what I see but what feels good and that's why the name NV NewVision is here today.

I really want to make people feel good,great,happy and have confidence in the skin there in. With that being said my name is Bobby Smith and I want to be your photographer for life.

My photography focuses on and experience that empowers women and gives them a platform to love themselves without judgement, shame, rules, or harassment.  

I believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy.  My mission is to show real beauty and to help women feel beautiful.






Bobby Smith

Phone: 612-558-4282